2016 – reflection

2016 – the year that was

January was a year of change.  Chad and I both took on new jobs — after 17 years at our current position.  Chad changed to the RM of Stanley – where he is now the financial officer.  He is one of the three main guys.  It’s pretty awesome.

I was supposed to be off this year (2016-2017 school year).  However, I got a new job.  I applied for the Gr. 5-8 literacy coordinator position for GVSD.  This is a brand new position. I started in September.  It’s been a HUGE learning curve, and most days I love it.  Some moments I questions how useful I am in my position — but I know that teachers have to get used to me in my new position as well — but it’s not easy.  I am enthusiastic, and excited to help, but I have a lot to learn.  Always.  I’ve done a TON of professional reading now I just need classrooms to support in.  Guess we’ll see.

Summertime was amazing – Chad went on a 80 km hike in Jasper National park and he loved it.  This will become a yearly thing.  This is a big commitment from him, but also from us.  We enjoyed a vacation to Wisconson Dells with Rand and the girls and Cindy and her kids.  So much fun.  For the first time I did everything — Noah’s Ark for two days — I was on the waterslides and we had a blast.

One of the other highlights for me this year was my recommitment to Weight Watchers.  In September, I made my goal public for my members – I wanted to lose 10 pounds by Christmas (and by our trip to the Dominican).  I worked my ass off.  I journaled.  I did my activity at least 3 times every week.  I enjoyed every moment and I was so successful!!  I lost 16.2 pounds.  And that feels AMAZING.  I will be working to maintain that loss over the next year.  2017 is my year.  I can tell.  It’s going to be awesome.

This year my one little word was “breathe” and it has made a huge difference in my life.  I made huge strides with my voice – my vocal chords are healed, and I am so thankful that my new job is a perfect fit.  I feel like my word led me to take more time and relax and spend time doing the important things.  So now I need to choose a new word for 2017.

I like purpose.  I want my purpose to be clear.  I want to find my purpose.  In work.  At home.  For fun.  To fulfill my heart.  Purpose.  What is my intention.  Living with intent.  Living with purpose.  I want to ROCK MY PURPOSE.  This is my year to figure out what that looks like.  Should be quite the ride….


The day after…

The US election is finally over.  Donald Trump is president.  WHAT>!>!  I’m not sure but that is truth.

Donald Trump.  Businessman.  Reality Show guy.  This is even more crazy than when Arnold Scharzenegger became governer of California.  And I thought that was totally nuts.

So.  What does this mean.  The only thing that kept going through my mind as I was watching the results roll in last night was “Jesus is King”.  Anyone can be president or prime minister, but Jesus is King!  That’s so awesome.  I need to keep this in mind.  Always.  Not just when I get freaked out about who is running the country to the South of us, but always.  ALWAYS!

As someone who loves and follows Jesus in her everyday life, I’m not sure how I keep forgetting that He is King.  In all countries.  In all places.

My reminder for today — Jesus is King. Today. Tomorrow. Always.


Today we had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with my Klassen family.  Since Rand moved to be with the girls in Brandon, we have had to work a little harder to figure out when we celebrate holidays.  Days like today are so special.  I’m so thankful for our family.

But these days also make me hurt.  I hurt for my brother — his number one priority is being a dad — and he’s an awesome one.  But that means he lives just over 2 hours away.  And that is hard.  Especially because his family, his dear friends, and his lovely girlfriend all live in here.  He leaves part of his heart here every time he goes back “home”.  And that is so hard.  I pray for him to find friends and a support network where he lives.  I’m so thankful that he loves his job (and he’s amazing at it!), but I know he needs to have people in his life who lift him up and give him joy.

A day like today is also hard for me because I’m sending my nieces back to a city where values and expectations are so different from ours.  Their stories make my heart fear for their hearts.  I know they are learning life values from their family, however, they are surrounded by friends that make different choices.  They are growing up way too quickly — and I don’t feel like I can do anything from here.  It makes me scared.  I need to spend more time praying for these beautiful girls, and less time worrying.

So maybe this post is just a reminder for me to pray.  To let go, and let God.  Grateful for so much and praying Jesus will keep His hand on my nieces and my brother… always.


why I cry

I don’t cry very often.  I’m pretty sure it’s because I’ve spent so many years fully exhausted that I stopped crying.  I just didn’t let myself cry anymore.  Otherwise, I probably could have cried all the time.  (Seriously.  I have lived VERY exhausted… but that’s a story for another day).

So…why do I cry?  It’s not because of real life events.  Nope.  I’m sad, empathetic, sympathetic, caring, loving, but I very rarely cry.

But give me a book or a movie with a bit of a tear-jerker?  And I’m crying.  Big tears.  Meaningful tears.

I guess it means they’re still there…now I just need to figure out how to let them back into my real life.  I think that it will come with time…and sleep 😉

On my heart

In church today we were reading Acts.  Acts speaks to me. It reminds me that as a Christian, my goal is to ACT.  Not just to talk, or to listen, but to ACT.  Christ calls me and you to act.  To be the hands and feet of Jesus.

We read Acts 15 — and the church was dealing with a BIG thing.  So big, in fact, that Paul got together with a bunch of church leaders and they discussed it.  And argued about it.  And had many conversations about it.  And the end result was this:  Let’s open our arms and our faith.  Let them in.  Let them believe.  Let them follow Jesus.  Let’s not narrow the path that God has set before them.  That is not our job.

In my life today, I see this everywhere.  I see Christians narrowing the path.  Creating blockades to living life with Jesus.  This makes me sad.  Jesus asked me to love.  And that is what I will do.  I will show love to those around me.  I want to learn to live in love…in all things.  I want my boys to live a life full of love.

My prayer is that as you encounter people around you, you will show Jesus’ love to each of them.  Walk alongside them.  Pray with them.  Be honest and open.  Help them.  Open the door and be with them.  Show them love.

Why me?

This question has been in my mind for awhile now.  Why me?  Why now?  Why another blog?  All good questions. And really…all with no great answers.

I’m at an interesting point in my life.

Both of our boys are growing up…teenagers.  Involved in their own lives.  Busy.  I’m feeling a little lost.  Gone are the days when Mom did everything.  Gone are the days when I was needed for every little thing.  Now, as long as they’re fed, there are clothes in the dressers, and I can drive them where they need to go, it’s pretty quiet.  And I’ve got time on my hands.  Today…for example…I went out for brunch with an awesome girlfriend, picked up groceries, read a novel and am now creating my very first blog post.  WHAT??

So…why a blog?  You know what?  I love to write.  I love to read.  I love to read other people’s writing.  So why not a blog?  My heart is moving in ways it hasn’t in a long time.  It’s hurting for those who are hurting, it’s joyful for those who are experiencing joy, and I need/want a place to put these thoughts and feelings down.  Do I think anyone will read this little blog?  Nope.  Do I care?  Even less 🙂  Truly.

So this is why I’ve decided to start.  I am loved by Jesus.  He wants me to share the love with others.  My life, my experiences, my hopes, dreams, and thoughts will all gather here.  Not sure how often I’ll write, but I’m hoping that this will be a place filled with honest and open thoughts and ideas.  I should probably tell my husband and my boys I’m starting this thing… 🙂